“In spring the association took ownership of a 4 acre pond surrounded by 52 homes. The pond had been neglected and it was obvious. It was an eyesore and covered with disgusting algae. Iowa Pond Guy, LLC was contracted to clean it up. We were advised to install aerators, which was done, and applied necessary chemicals for treatment of weeds and algae. By fall the surrounding homeowners, and even those not in the association, were making comments on how nice the pond looks. The expertise and experience of the Iowa Pond guy are very appreciated.”

“The Pond Guy was great in helping us clear our pond of duckweed and other
vegetation pests. He took personal interest in the problem, and followed
through until the job was completed.”

“Thank you so much for taking care of our ponds! They look better than they have in years!”

Comments from a follow up homeowners meeting. “The ponds look as good as they ever have. The upper pond looks great; a little more work on the lower pond should get us where we want to be.”

“Just wanted to let you know I used the algae spray and loved it. I put it in a clean plastic bottle with a battery operated sprayer handle. Used about 3/4 gallon. Algae was gone the next day! I am sold!”