I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Animal Ecology with a Fisheries emphasis from Iowa State University and a Master of Science Degree in Fisheries Science from South Dakota State University. I have spent 16 years working in the natural resource field conducting fish population estimates, aquatic vegetation control/management, nuisance species removal, and provided guidance for new and old pond owners with pond related concerns ranging from fish parasites to summertime fill kills and fish and nuisance animal removal.

I also have a Commercial Pesticide Applicators license for Aquatic Pest Control. I encourage starting a management plan that incorporates preventative, biological, mechanical, cultural methods, and the use of labeled aquatic herbicides when necessary.

Why hire Iowa Pond Guy?
Each year, Iowa’s natural resource professionals are questioned by pond owners and anglers about proper procedures to manage a fish pond. Iowa Pond Guy was established to provide answers to those questions. Because each pond is different, additional help may be needed to solve specific problems. See our Services Page for the entire list of services provided.  Contact us with any questions you may have.

Brandon Harland (CEO of Iowa Pond Guy LLC)

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